How to Refinish a Hardwood Floor

These days there are different types of the flooring available in the market one can select from the exhaustive range that includes, marble flooring, tiles, laminate, wooden flooring, etc. Today the trend of the hardwood flooring is very popular among the people and the maximum number of people choosing to select the hardwood flooring Markham for their home. The reason for the selection of the hardwood flooring is because they give a naturalistic feel and also enhances the interiors.

Today in the market a wide variety of the flooring is available and Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Markham is one of the best choices for the home flooring.  The engineered hardwood floors are sustainable, can be installed over the flat surface and can be installed over the concrete slab. One can find many floor shops provide an exhaustive range of the hardwood floor options. But one must select the right and quality flooring that meets the requirement suitable and available within the budget.

Hardwood flooring  requires regular maintenance that imperative to maintain the beauty of the floor.  However, with the time the hardwood flooring requires refinishing to be done. Refinishing the hardwood floors requires a lot of time, skill and know-how accomplish the in an exact manner to achieve the desired result. Many people often opt for waxing the floor to give it a glossy finish. If one has decided to do the refinishing job by themselves, then they need to arrange for some tools, equipment, and materials to begin the task. One will need various things like drum sander, floor edger, orbital knife, scraper, and buffer. Also, there will be a requirement for the sanding materials and bristle brush in engineered hardwood flooring in Markham.

Before, starting the refinishing work one must empty the area and clean it with some cleaning agents. After that, sand the surface lightly and examine the floor to find and fill holes. Vacuum the area thoroughly with the brush attachment to remove the dust. Thereafter, wipe the floor with the mineral spirits. During the refinishing process of

Engineered hardwood flooring in Markham, if one wants, then they can also change the color of the floor by application of pre-stain conditioners as per the manufacturer’s instruction. Then apply the sanding sealer and let it dry and thereafter finish the job with the final coating of the polyurethane thoroughly on the entire surface and then again apply the second coat of the same after drying to achieve the best results.

One must also ensure the safety and must take safety precautions like wear goggles and mask while doing the job. However, it will always be beneficial to hire professionals for refinishing the hardwood flooring Toronto as they have the expertise can provide better results as expected.

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